Ocean Spray Pondicherry: The Luxury Abode With A Manmade Lake!

Ocean Spray Pondicherry takes the meaning of the word luxury and sublime comforts to new heights and it is an apt example of what man can enjoy when he is truly rich! It stands amidst 5 acres and has a manmade lake accentuating its beauty and making the guests gape in wonder truly spellbound by seeing the luxurious settings. If you are able to spend your holidays in this luxury abode, you can consider yourself truly gifted as there is no doubt that your holidays are guaranteed of being the best in all senses of the term!

The rooms and villas are classified as Ferns (Garden view rooms), Cascade (water view rooms), The Heavens (open to sky Jacuzzi rooms), The Bermudas, The Guadeloupe, and Tahiti. These are luxury rooms and villas which are tastefully decorated and have cozy sit-outs with uninterrupted views of the lush flora and serene lake. The Heavens which are ultra-luxurious rooms have open to sky Jacuzzi and also have earthy stone beams. Guests staying here can enjoy sunrise and sunsets and the breathtaking views of the Lake make it a heavenly experience as the name of the room signifies!

Good dining options are one of the best things that the guests can enjoy during their stay in Ocean Spray Pondicherry. The dining outlets are Tea Lounge, Amber and Lotosas.The Tea Lounge is Wi-Fi enabled and provides the guests with hot and cold beverages, sandwiches, pastries and cookies. Amber serves buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner. Lotosas is the Speciality restaurant and the guests feel as they are floating in water!

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